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My Personal Pledge to NOT Write About Dwight Howard Trade Speculation

2011 November 30

The free agency and player movement craziness and speculation has already begun. The educated guesses, anonymous sources and fortune telling will get rolling with a fury today as GMs and teams can start talking with agents beginning at 9 am this morning. You will here every possibly scenario regards to other teams trying to trade for Dwight Howard. Is it a surprise that every team in the league wants the most dominant post player in the league? It should not surprise.

The rumors are already floating. New Jersey… The Clippers… The Lakers.  I am here to remind you of a few important things before you start racking your brains and panicking about Dwight leaving.

  1. He is currently under contract with Orlando through the end of the 2012-2013 season. After the conclusion of this season, Dwight can opt out of his contract and become a free agent. Let me repeat, Dwight is NOT a free agent.
  2. Otis Smith has commented over and over and over again that he has and will not have any interest in trading Dwight Howard.
  3. Dwight Howard will not force a midseason trade the way that Carmelo Anthony did. This is important to understand. Dwight is not Carmelo. His home is here and he loves the fans here too much to go out in the middle of the season with a forced trade. That doesn’t mean he may not leave next summer, but he certainly will not go out in a blazing tire fire.

So with those things considered, why would Magic fans want to subject themselves to 66+ games and 8 months of torture trying to figure out the best deal to get back for Dwight? Enjoy his next year here and instead spend that time trying to figure out how to get Chris Paul, Deron Williams or Josh Smith in blue and white. Make yourself insane over something different. Something that at least ends with a positive spin.

The trade speculation will only increase and most will be genuine offers from teams. But so what? If Dwight isn’t forcing himself out and the Magic won’t trade him, then all it does is add undue fuel to the fire. Which leads me to my pain point…

I personally pledge to not write about and Dwight Howard trade/free agency speculation until the time is appropriate.


My caveats:

  • This does not mean that I will not speculate on any other player in the league coming or going. Hypocrisy? Maybe. However I highly doubt Laker writers are spending much time worrying about Kobe Bryant trade rumors.
  • If at some point I am proven wrong and Dwight or Otis come out openly discussing trade, then my pledge is null and void.
  • I will still read the rumors and torture myself.
  • I will still comment on Twitter. I feel like it is my duty to address the concerns of fans and at least to quell the false information.
  • Parody posts do not count. AKA, Dwight to ManU.

I am sacrificing a huge story and countless page hits with this pledge. I am fully aware of that. I’m doing it more for a personal call to rationality than anything else.  I honestly believe that nothing will happen until next summer, so why even put myself through a forced writing facade just for the purpose of viewership. That makes me just like them!  Because all of you are crazy, not ME.

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