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Chris Paul Open to Coming to Orlando as Dwight Howard Actively Recruits the Star PG

2011 December 4
by Brian Serra

or two.

It was reported late last night by Jarrod Rudolph of RealGM that Chris Paul is open to a trade that would bring him to Orlando. Chris Paul, already good friends with Dwight Howard, would like to team up with the best center in the league to form a true super-duo.

In other news, the sun came up this morning.

Previously, it was believed that Chris Paul was only interested in going to New York but now you can add Orlando to his destination list as well as the LA Clippers. Out of those three teams, the Magic could offer NOLA the best trade package.

It’s no secret that Chris Paul and Dwight Howard are good friends and should come as no surprise that they want to team up together. Why wouldn’t the best PG in the league want to play with the best center?

In an exclusive report yesterday by David Baumann from Bright House Sports Network, Baumann reported that Dwight Howard’s preference is to stay in Orlando and bring in another superstar to play alongside him.  The big news in the report comes when Baumann states that he knows for a fact that Dwight and CP3 spoke on the phone earlier in the day.

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With Dwight clearly recruiting Paul to come down to Orlando (basically to force New Orleans into trading him to Orlando), this is the first positive news with some validity that Magic fans have gotten in regards to CP3 and Dwight. It’s safe to say that if Otis Smith could make this trade happen, both would likely be in Orlando for the long haul. Both Paul and Howard can opt out of their current contracts and become free agents during the summer of 2012.

On draft night in 2010, the Magic were close to finalizing a deal that would have brought CP3 to Orlando but it fell apart late.  Magic fans would eventually have to settle for Gilbert Arenas. Magic fans did not like that settlement.  Steve Kyler of Hoopsworld reported this morning on Twitter that Magic CEO Bob Vander Weide has given Otis Smith the “unlimited green light” to do whatever it takes to keep Dwight Howard in Orlando. That answer appears to be simple… bring Chris Paul to Orlando.

The Chris Paul Hope Factory is back to running at full production for Magic fans. The best part? They actually have reason to hope this time.

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  1. Doug permalink
    December 4, 2011

    I really hope we get Okafur along with Chris Paul. He would be a good power forward and compliment Dwight well. Wow watch out Heat it could be Magic Time again and this time we will win it all!

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