Bring Chris Paul” Billboard Pops Up in Orlando

Original billboard from that was removed

As fast as it popped up, it was down just as quickly. After a brief stay at the intersection of Goldenrod and University Blvd in East Orlando, the Bring Chris Paul to Orlando Campaign was temporarily removed to make some alterations to the image.  I had previously reported that it was removed due to “trademark issues” but that was in fact not true. I spoke with the team behind putting the board up who informed me that nobody ordered them to take it down. They in fact just chose to “play it safe” and remove the image which contained Magic logos.  The team plans to put up another billboard today at the same location that will remove the Magic logo, but still prod Otis Smith to “make it happen”.

The billboard and campaign was created by the same team that brings you the Stay Dwight website and marketing campaign.  The founder of both sites, Ryan Totka, has spent considerable time and money on these efforts to promote the commitment of Magic fans to the cause of maintaining a winning team in Orlando.

The most famous moment for the Stay Dwight team was when noted power attorney Jeff Ashton wore the Stay Dwight tie during the Casey Anthony trial.


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