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Chris Paul Plot Twist: Magic Reportedly Attempting to Acquire Deron Williams

2011 December 6

I am a little tired of a day full of dealing with super rich men drunk dialing. Here is your first juicy rumor of the day and it comes by way of David Baumann who has been nailing every Magic story the last few weeks. Baumann just reported on Twitter that the Magic are attempting to acquire Deron Williams from the New Jersey Nets in an effort to help out Dwight Howard.

It has been widely reported the last few days that Deron Williams is happy with the Nets and even stated publicly that he was 90% certain he would re-sign with the Nets after this season.  Also of note, most people that I have encountered in my life that say they are “90% certain of something”, are rarely certain of anything.

One thing you can guarantee is that D-Will is certain about his desire to play alongside Dwight Howard. Al Iannazzone of has that story here.

Iannazzone writes, “I’ve talked to him a lot,” Williams said. “We’ve had some conversations. He knows I want to play with him. I don’t think there’s a player in the NBA who doesn’t want to play with Dwight Howard.”

Baumann tweeted a few minutes afterwards that his source also confirmed that Chris Paul and Monta Ellis are on both the team’s radar and Dwight’s wish list.

With so many angles to every story, it’s hard to really count on much. It’s no secret that all of the three players mentioned are desired by Dwight Howard. It still comes down to Otis/and Dwight convincing the Hornets AND Chris Paul or the Nets AND Deron Williams that this is not only where HE wants to be, but where they should be to.

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