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Orlando Magic Training Camp Notes – Day 1 – Dwight Smiling and Present

2011 December 9

The Day 1 circus came and went and the world didn’t end. After the whirlwind of rumors the last few days, practice went on as scheduled and went well. Most important point, Dwight was in the building and smiling away.

Notes from today:

  • Dwight Howard present and working hard. He was shooting free throws for a good 30 minutes after practice ended and finished the night off by throwing his arm around new Magic CEO Alex Martins and sharing a laugh. Sure didn’t look like any trade demands were made to me.
  • Let me repeat that first bullet, Dwight Howard was at the Amway Center and working as usual. He was not in New Jersey, he was not in Brooklyn, he was not in Miami and not in LA.
  • The popular media questions after practice obviously centered around Dwight. Stan had the best quote of the night saying  that, “today the NBA was like a 3-ring circus and were in the middle of it”.
  • 12 guys were on site for Day 1 including the 8 returning guys (minus Brandon and Gilbert) and rookies and free agents (Harper, Liggins, Hughes and Pruitt). The team ran a 3 hour practice with Stan jokingly telling them he let the team off early at 8:19 rather than 8:30.
  • While Stan couldn’t comment on the Glen Davis trade with nothing being official yet, the players were still able to speak freely.  All seemed more concerned with losing a good teammate in Brandon Bass at the moment rather than receiving a new teammate. Jameer said it was really tough to lose Brandon because he is one of his best friends on the team.
  • Practice consisted of no live up and down action but predominantly 3 long hours of drilling.  Stan pointed out that they got a ton of offense in even played a little two on two. 4 v 4 coming tomorrow.
  • Stan also commented on how surprised he was at the conditioning level of everyone on the team.
  • With the Magic short on big men at the moment, Daniel Orton is being thrust into a more prominent position. Luckily for all involved, Daniel is feeling great and was praised by Stan Van Gundy for how well he performed today.  With the injuries all of last year, Orton really only practiced twice so it was really like getting a brand new player in.
  • In speaking with Orton afterwards he spoke about he trained hard this summer at UCF and had a refreshing smile on his face. When he was asked when the last time he felt this good was, he proudly spoke up with, “Best I’ve felt since college!” Great sign for the Magic if they can get some quality production out of Orton this season.

The team is back in action tomorrow at 4pm and Big Baby should hopefully be joining the team. He tweeted earlier this evening that he just touched down in Orlando. AYO!

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