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Dwight Howard has requested to be traded. Future still uncertain.

2011 December 10
by Brian Serra

It’s not over yet, but it sure is looking worse and worse as the days, hours, minutes go on.  Magic GM Otis Smith spoke with Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel and confirmed that Dwight Howard has asked to be traded.

Robbins: Dwight Howard has told the Orlando Magic that he wants to be traded, Magic General Manager Otis Smith told the Orlando Sentinel Saturday afternoon.

Smith said Howard has made the request twice in separate conversations since Monday.

Today is Saturday. He has made TWO separate conversations since Monday. What does that tell you? He is waffling. John Denton of tweeted that Dwight has in fact changed his mind 4 times in the last week on staying or going.

So you’re saying that we’ve got a chanceeeeee.

The Magic have lost much of their leverage now that this news has leaked and are stuck in quite the predicament. I reported earlier today that the front office is in turmoil over whether to trade Dwight immediately or to hold on to him as long as possible and make him make a decision next summer.

Josh Robbins article also had the below quote from Otis Smith in his latest trade demand article:

“He can have his list of teams that he would like to go to, and we’ve probably got a few on our list of teams that we would like. But at the end of the day, we want him here and we want him in a Magic uniform for his career. With that said, we’re going to make the best possible deal that we can make if we have to trade him.” -Otis Smith

It’s not over yet, but it certainly seems like Magic fans are clutching onto false hope at this point. With superstars on limited trade supply, it seems hard to believe that Dwight won’t be playing alongside Chris Paul or Deron Williams this season.

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