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My live tweets from Dwight Howard press conference.

2011 December 10
by Brian Serra

Dwight Howard spoke to the press tonight for a very long and drawn out 30 minutes. You can watch the first 7 minutes of that press conference here. Dwight spoke out of both sides of my mouth and understandably so. He is facing the biggest decision of his life and is well aware of the impact that decision has on others as well as himself. He was passionate and honest and spoke from the heart. In the end though, it was clear as day that Dwight Howard will not be a member of the Orlando Magic for much longer.

I tweeted some quotes and instant reactions live from the press conference. Below is the entire conversation that I had with the twitter universe.













A lot of information there and a lot more will certainly be coming out in the near future. The above information is simple a snapshot in time which chronicles the first time that Dwight Howard openly spoke about asking for a trade from Orlando.

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