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Dwight Howard… err… Orlando Magic Media Day – Videos and Notes

2011 December 12

Definition of desperation?

Orlando Magic media day came and gone and Dwight Howard survived the giant media scrum without saying anything he would regret.  Speaking to the media for the 4th straight day, Dwight once again had a different mood. Friday was angry, Saturday was sad, Sunday was defensive and today was jovial. If there was ever a sign that Dwight doesn’t know what he wants, this may be it. Or maybe… actually, most likely… Dwight just isn’t very good at the PR game.

Trying to decipher Dwight’s mood and intentions from his media interaction is a futile practice. Only Dwight knows what is going through his head and he obviously isn’t going to share everything with the world.  My advice to Magic fans: just sit back and let the process play out. Nothing you do or say is going to impact Dwight’s decision (besides the hate tweets).

Below are videos of Stan Van Gundy, Hedo Turkoglu and the newest Magic player Von Wafer discussing their offseasons, dealing with Dwight and Von discussing how Ray Allen mentored him.

Stan Quote of the Day:

“You have a sense that this isn’t permanent. So, you don’t know if this is the group you are going to have going forward or not.”

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