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Is Big Baby trying to guilt trip Dwight Howard into staying?

2011 December 13
by Brian Serra

Let’s start by talking about family. What does family mean to you? You like your family right? You would never want to leave your family would you? You aren’t the type of person to leave your family high and dry when they recruited you to come to the Orlando Magic and then demand a trade from your FAMILY? Are you?

Take a look at the following notes and then let’s discuss…

Josh Robbins has a little more information on that discussion as well in his practice report including the following quote from Glen Davis:

“It’s to basically to get it into everybody’s mind what ‘family’ means,” Davis said. “We’ve got to start walking the way for the family atmosphere and trying to change the culture here and making sure that we’re there for each other.”

Now, I know Big Baby is new to this team. I also know that he can be a little wacky. I also know a guilt trip when I see one.  This is an attempt at a subliminal shot directly aimed for Dwight Howard’s heart and mind.  Unless of course Baby drank an extra shot of KG metaphor juice on his way out of Boston.  Even if he is trying to channel his inner Doc Rivers, this isn’t a bad strategy.

Dwight gets to see young Daniel Orton poor his heart out about how he loves his family and how they never turned their backs on him. He gets to hear Justin Harper say how even though he was across the ocean in Europe, he still knew he could always turn to his Richmond teammates and coaches for support. Then DeAndre Liggins. Liggins truly has a touching story and has lived the sort of life that very few of us will ever be able to relate to.  Davis tells the shy Liggins to speak up and tell his story and tells him to look straight at Dwight as he says. Guilt trip.

Davis wants Dwight to look around and see that THIS is his family. Jameer Nelson. Hedo. J-Rich. The guys that believe in him.

How is that not his plan?

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