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Magic Sad Slide Continues – Sky is Falling Edition

2012 January 29

It was January 17th, and the Magic had just beaten the Charlotte Bobcats to win their 5th game and improve their record to 10-3.  That’s when J.J. Redick delivered the sort of quote that takes fans from “cautiously optimistic” to “all aboard”.

Redick after the Bobcats win, “We have a chance to be the best team I’ve been on in my six years with the Magic.”

It was January 29th, and the Magic had just lost to the Indiana Pacers at home to lose 5 of 7 games since the above quote had been delivered. The sky was/is proverbially falling.

Redick after the 106-85 Pacers loss, “I wish I could pinpoint one thing,” J.J. Redick said, “I wish there was an algebraic equation to have a final answer.”

Less than two weeks… my, oh my what a difference a day makes.

For Orlando, the last 10 quarters of basketball have been mostly a nightmare. The team has averaged  17.7 points per quarter in that span while giving up 25.3. These numbers don’t even include the 56 point franchise record low output in Boston on January 23rd.

The story for Orlando is much of the same. Limited ball movement, lack of athleticism, turnovers, poor free throw shooting, no shot creators, lackluster energy/effort/focus, and a superstar MVP candidate with one foot out the door.

You can get away with one or two of those areas on any given night but when they all collectively show their ugly face, then you get the type of output that has haunted the Orlando Magic for the last two weeks.

Unfortunately, as J.J. Redick pointed out tonight, there is no easy solution. This is a team in flux. Three game losing streaks happen, but this seems so much worse than that. It’s cliche and easy to always play the “sky is falling” card, but as Dwight continues to truck through teammates one by one it soon will be not just Dwight Howard who is pining to see Dwight Howard playing in LA/Dallas/BK.

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