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A Brooklyn Decision for Dwight is Ultimate Slap to Orlando

2012 February 22
by Brian Serra

It’s been two games for the Magic against the future Brooklyn Nets and we’ve now seen two blowout victories for Orlando. A 94-78 victory for Orlando on December 23rd in Orlando and a 108-91 victory in Newark. With New Jersey pushing the limits of tampering, even offering up a special $12 ticket campaign in an attempt to pretend they have a fan base, they are showing signs of desperation rather than selling any sort of allure.

New Jersey/Brooklyn is in the lead to land Dwight Howard in the offseason thanks to a charismatic billionaire owner, a healthy amount of cap space and the potential to open up the New York marketplace. Those are all very promising things. If Dwight came out and said, I want to be a global brand and do things that are much bigger than basketball, I think some of us would understand.

But he says it’s about winning. He mentions about 15 different reasons altogether, but it always comes back to winning. He wants to win and he wants to be “the guy”.

There is no team he could head to this offseason that would guarantee him being the man outside Orlando. Not New Jersey (D-Will), not Dallas (Dirk and D-Will), not either L.A., nowhere outside of a team devoid of a superstar. He IS Orlando.

Yet it’s all about winning. Well, after two match ups we have seen the Nets completely blown out by the Magic. Orlando sits as the number 3 seed in the Eastern Conference and New Jersey sits tied for 4th. Tied for the 4th WORST record in the league. You can sell me on the vision on you want, but Deron Williams can’t bring you everything.

Knowing everything we know: Dwight’s media insecurity, the Nets weak roster, Brooklyn NOT being Manhattan, the complete WHIFF on free agents in the Summer of 2010…  How much more would it hurt to see Dwight walk to a team that so many Magic fans see as inept?

Pardon my bias with this answer, but… A LOT.

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  1. Stefan permalink
    February 23, 2012

    You don’t think the Nets record with Dwight and Deron would be a lot better than 4th worst? You don’t think the Magic record without Dwight would be lower?

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