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Stan Van Gundy Showing Patience Off the Court – At Peace With What’s Ahead

2012 March 1
by Brian Serra

Passion on the court, patience off.

I’ve been around quite a few Stan Van Gundy pre-game press conferences, and today seemed different. He was more mellow than normal and almost at peace with not being in control of what the next two weeks will bring him. Believe it or not, Stan is not always the Master of Panic.

Entering the media room, he opened with a light-hearted question to the small media contingent, “Where is Dwight going? Where is Rondo going?”, obviously tongue in cheek. He then offered his bold prediction, “Rajon Rondo is heading to Besiktas!”.

It was a quick joking moment before he calmly answered questions regarding how he deals with and how expects his players to deal with the trade rumors.

Listen to that message. It’s consistent. Stan said he has spoken to a few players about it and how to deal with it and how he does. He is offering a calm, steady hand and focusing on basketball. That’s what he does. He coaches basketball and his players play basketball. They can control their games on the court, and for the most part can not do the same off.

Going further, Van Gundy is being real about what he says to his guys and to the media. He isn’t trying to offer any sugar-coated BS or coach speak. He knows it’s a realistic chance that any of his guys could be forced to uproot and leave at any moment. He knows his job as a coach will most likely get infinitely tougher in the next two weeks.

But he is real about it. He is showing the type of leadership that has made him one of the top coaches in this league and one of the greatest assets to the Orlando Magic franchise. Nobody knows what will come in the next few weeks, but the one thing we do know is that Coach Stan Van Gundy will be patiently ready to adapt and respond.

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