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Fran Vazquez to finally join the Magic this summer?

2012 March 6
by Brian Serra

Remember this sexy face? Could it be finally coming your way?

Could it be? Could it really finally be time for Fran Vazquez to join the Orlando Magic? For those of you recognize the name, but have no idea why you recognize it, Fran is a Spanish center and former Magic lottery pick. Vazquez was drafted by the Orlando Magic with the 11th overall pick in 2005. Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel has the latest Vazquez rumor:

“[Otis] Smith said Vazquez’ contractual situation will allow him to come over to the states and maybe finally attempt to make the Magic’s roster.

“That’s the plan,” Smith said of the Spanish power forward.

It has been well documented over the years that Vazquez, who had just turned 22 when drafted, was not emotionally ready to leave his homeland to move across the pond to the United States. His girlfriend at the time, now his wife, was especially against the idea. However, things appear to be different this time. Fran has proven himself both for FC Barcelona in the ACB League as well as in the Euroleague. At 28 years old, turning 29 in May, he is now a confident, proven big man that knows his role compared to the young buck who feared the unknown.

The problem for the Magic is they are now no longer getting the young prodigy that they drafted nearly 7 years ago. Fran will never be a star and the natural comparison for Magic fans, Marcin Gortat, doesn’t look likely either. His numbers this season are down compared to the last few seasons and despite the drastic differences in Euro play in the NBA, he will likely never be more than what he is today. In 16 Euroleague games this season, he is averaging 4.6 ppg and 2.9 rebounds in 14mpg – although his minutes and production have gone up recently against stronger Top 16 Euroleague competition.

That doesn’t mean he can’t be a successful, impactful role player for the Magic, just don’t expect him to be a Gasol.

Vazquez’ contract with Barcelona ends after this season which concludes in May. The Magic will be able to sign him via the current rookie scale or as a regular free agent (they own his exclusive NBA rights still). Congratulations on reading the 8573985th Fran Vazquez rumor article.

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