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Report: Magic Close to Blockbuster Three Team Trade?

2012 March 12
by Brian Serra

As the trade deadline moves closer to the Thursday deadline, the rumor mill will continue to heat up. The latest rumor appears to have much more validity than recent Magic rumors, mainly because it doesn’t involved pie-in-the-sky Dwight Howard trade proposals. Jarrod Rudolph of RealGM is reporting that the Magic are nearing a potential three way trade that would bring Monta Ellis to Orlando and ship a handful of Magic players via Golden State and New Orleans.

Jarrod also tweeted something that I have been writing about for weeks, in that Dwight Howard will not be traded before the deadline.  

My thoughts on this trade rumor as currently constructed:

  • I don’t see the motivation in this trade for Golden State, who was previously pushing to rent Dwight Howard.  They give up their best player in Monta to receive salary relief in Biedrins contact and to bring on Chris Kaman has a two month rental. Sure, they would likely receive either Redick and/or Anderson, but that far from makes up for the playmaking ability of Ellis. UNLESS, New Orleans was throwing in another expiring contract like Carl Landry or Marco Bellinelli.
  • It would seem to be a lot for the Magic to give up, from a team standpoint, just to bring in Monta and Dorell Wright. In this precise scenario, your starting lineup is Jameer Nelson, Monta Ellis, J-Rich/Dorell Wright, Glen Davis and Dwight Howard. Not bad. Your second unit is now stretched VERY thin without Redick or Baby.
  • IF true, it’s a move completely to satisfy Dwight Howard.  I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing… but still a very risky move from the team with the 3rd best record in the league over the last few years.
  • Also remember, Otis Smith is contractually obligated to only conduct trades that somehow involve a Golden State Warrior connection.
  • ALSO remember, David Stern is ultimately responsible for approving any trade with New Orleans involved. That always ends up well…
  • I trust Jarrod 100% when he says this is what he is hearing. I really do. He is well connected and can be trusted. With that being said, I’m not sure that this deal as currently reported has the legs to go from rumor to finalized trade. It has too many holes and most importantly, there is still too much time left for things to fall apart before the deadline. All teams involved have little motivation to make this happen early. All teams involved also have a great deal of motivation to leak information to make the deal’s get better before Thursday.

Some things to consider. Rumors are rumors. Eat ’em up and dream.

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