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Dwight Howard, “I told the team I want to stay and finish the season” – VIDEO

2012 March 13
by Brian Serra

In Training Camp, nobody thought Dwight would still be with the team come mid-march. Including himself.

The media waited patiently after the Heat victory tonight to hear Dwight talk. Nothing new was expected to be said, but you hang around just in case.  That “just in case” came through tonight as Dwight told the media contingent that he has informed the DeVos family, Magic CEO Alex Martins and President Otis Smith that he wants to stay with the team through the end of the season – and not be traded.

Dwight said he has had these conversations with management for weeks now, but this is the first he has spoken publicly about it. Dwight cited the teams chemistry and resilience as motivation to stand pat and make a run.

Watch the video of his proclamation here:

This changes nothing for the Summer of 2012, but it does mean he finishes the season here. The reports coming from Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports still claim that his mind is set on New Jersey who can sign him outright as a free agent and preserve their team assets at the deadline.

It also gives the Magic more time to try and make something happen to improve the current roster. Either before Thursday’s 3:00 EST deadline or next summer.

It’s not necessarily an unexpected move that Dwight will stay in Orlando past the deadline, what is surprising is how passionately -even if brief- he spoke about his desire to remain in Orlando for the remainder of the season. It certainly is a victory anytime you remove the potential of your superstar, top-3 NBA player from trade discussions.

Tonight the Magic bought themselves some much needed time. Dwight Howard will be in an Orlando Magic jersey on March 16th. If you asked me that same question on December 16th, I’d have said that there was no way that would be the case. Why can’t July 16th be any different?

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