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Howard Refuses To Give Answer on His Future – Deadline Trade Unlikely

2012 March 13
by Brian Serra

It’s been a day full of rumors. Rumors will continue tonight, tomorrow and right up until 3pm tomorrow. The main reason? Dwight Howard can’t commit. He’s really starting to act like a 26 year old superstar celebrity that has never had to say no to anyone… oh. wait.

I can 100% confirm that the Magic leadership still have yet to receive an answer from Dwight on if he is committed to the team or bolting this summer. The team is in limbo and the DeVos family apparently is willing to take the gamble that they can win over Dwight and convince him to stay with the franchise.

Further, I can report that the schism that has been in the Magic front office is real and has been real since the trade demand first took place. The Magic organization is split into two camps: 1) the group that wants to trade Howard immediately; captained by Otis Smith and 2) the group that wants to hold on for every last second to see what can happen; captained by the DeVos family and Alex Martins.

The bottom line of the story remains unchanged, Dwight Howard will most likely be a member of the Orlando Magic on March 16th. July 1st is another story.

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