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Rumor: Richardson to be traded to Timberwolves?

2012 March 14
by Brian Serra


This rumor began floating around last night and has appeared in a few different forms. Both forms consist of a Richardson heading to the Minnesota Timberwolves in return for Michael Beasley.

1st variation: Jason Richardson straight up for Beasley.

2nd variation: Quentin Richardson and Chris Duhon for Beasley.

Orlando Motivation: Clears guaranteed contracts to get Michael Beasley’s expiring contract. Beasley is a free agent this summer and would likely walk. Either variation of the deal provides Orlando with far greater roster flexibility than they currently have. Jason Richardson has 2 more years remaining after this season plus a no-brainer player option for the 3rd year. You can view the Magic Salaries here. They would also get some much needed bench scoring from Beasley. He is well known to be a head case/lazy player, but with only a few months before he becomes a free agent – and on an upper level team- motivation should not be a problem.

 If Orlando were able to pull of this trade, it would be a major coup for Otis Smith.

Minnesota Motivation:  They are going to lose Michael Beasley this summer no matter what. With Ricky Rubio out for the remainder of the season with a torn ACL, they are in need of a guard upgrade. Jason Richardson, while his contract may not be the friendliest, allows them to insert a VETERAN proven scorer into their starting lineup as they make a rare push towards the playoff. Their roster is filled with nothing but young guys, and all variations of this trade provide them with veteran pieces/role players to surround Kevin Love and Rubio into the future. The deals they would be taking on, are not the best, but they aren’t terrible and wouldn’t have a major effect on their cap space. It’s something instead of nothing, essentially.

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