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Source: Fegan has made Dwight’s position “clear” – Howard still torn.

2012 March 14
by Brian Serra

The roller coaster of the Dwight Howard saga continues. In case you missed it, earlier today, Dwight Howard informed Alex Martins and the Magic executive leadership that he intended to opt in to his final year. The only catch was that he and his agent Dan Fegan had to sign paperwork altering his contract to remove the Early Termination Option (ETO) for next season.

Things looked rosy. Dwight met with a few other teammates for lunch and informed them of his decision. At a minimum, Dwight was staying for one more year.

Fast forward to later in the day and things have changed.

I spoke with a source that was intimately familiar with the conference call this evening and they confirmed to me that Dwight Howard’s agent Dan Fegan -who was also on the conference call- has made Dwight’s “position” very clear to the franchise.

Dwight Howard has clearly shown today, via his words and actions to management and his teammates, what his desire is. His agent, who stands to make much more money if Dwight is in Brooklyn, obviously feels different.

A source very close to the decision making process on whether Dwight will be traded  at the deadline or held on for one last run, has informed me that the team is still hopeful that Dwight will follow his own heart rather than the desires of his personal management.

The team is running out of time to make a decision with tomorrow’s 3:00 EST trade deadline approaching. After the antics and roller coaster of today, the next decision will come as the Orlando Magic are forced to make a read. Will Dwight Howard do what HE wants to do, or what his handlers want? The answer is obviously dynamic.

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