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Report: Dwight Howard Commits Again to Orlando – Circus Continues – Paperwork Unsigned

2012 March 15
by Brian Serra

Roller coaster, UP! In what seems to be the most unshocking, shocking news we have all received in the last 48 hours of the Dwight Saga, Dwight Howard appears to be back on board with Magic and plans to waive his Early Termination Option to remain in Orlando for the 2012-2013 season. Jarrod Rudolph of RealGM had the breaking news around 1am.

You can trust with 100% full confidence that Dwight Howard granted that interview and provided that (and other) statements to Rudolph. What you can not trust with 100% full confidence is that Dwight will follow through and sign those papers. Fool me once, shame on you – fool me twice, then I am a gullible idiot.

Dwight would go on to apologize for the circus and expound on how he has gotten bad advice. I chronicled that bad advice last night, which had the team torn on where to go on deadline day with Dwight and his agent obviously of conflicting opinions.

You can read the full RealGM report here.

What still remains is for Dwight and his agent Dan Fegan to sign the altered contract which eliminates the language containing his ETO. That obviously means Fegan has one last chance to persuade Dwight -again- to take his talents OUT of Orlando. If Dwight tells Fegan once and for all to sign the contract, then he is obligated under law.


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