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VIDEO: Pacers players and Magic fans get into downtown tussle. WHEN CLUBBERS ATTACK!

2012 May 4
by Brian Serra

Just because the actual Orlando Magic players don’t want to fight the Pacers, doesn’t mean that Magic fans don’t want to. Just ask Danny Granger and Krylo Fesenko who were not pleased with the heckling clubbers who wanted no part of them. TMZ Sports has that report:

“Cops rushed in to break up a heated late night exchange between several members of the Indiana Pacers and a pack of angry clubgoers in Orlando early this morning … and the whole thing was caught on tape.

TMZ obtained footage … showing 7’1″ Kyrylo Fesenko confronting a group of people outside of Club 23 around 2:45 AM. “

Magic players, please take note.

More from TMZ, ” As Kyrylo tried to walk away from the situation … the mob grew in numbers and the taunts became louder.

That’s when Kyrylo’s teammate Danny Granger charged towards the clubgoers … only to be restrained by some of his friends.”

In the end, all ended peacefully with Granger and Fesenko continuing on their merry 2:45am way. What lesson did we learn from this? DONT BUMP A 7’1″ GUY UNLESS YOU HAVE LOTS OF FRIENDS. Let’s just all be thankful that Stephen Jackson and Jamaal Tinsley weren’t around.

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