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USA Select Team Calls on Ryan Anderson – Joins Jeremy Lin, John Wall

2012 May 15
by Brian Serra

Ryan Anderson has reportedly been selected as a member of the Team USA Select Team which well help train and prepare against the Men’s National Team as USA Basketball preps for the 2012 London Olympic games. This is a huge honor and opportunity for Ryan as he will get critical training minutes with and against the best in the world. first reported the roster, citing a source with knowledge of the roster. It is of course subject to change, especially depending on how free agency plays out, but here is the rumored roster:

The list:
DeMarcus Cousins — Kings
Jeremy Lin — Knicks
Klay Thompson — Warriors
Kyrie Irving — Cavaliers
John Wall — Wizards
DeMar DeRozan — Toronto
Paul George — Pacers
Gordon Hayward — Jazz
Kawhi Leonard — Spurs
DeJuan Blair — Spurs
Ryan Anderson — Magic
Taj Gibson — Bulls
Derrick Favors — Jazz

The 2010 Select Team featured all college players, but the 2008 pre-Olympic Select team featured up and coming stars of the time that are now permanent Team USA features such as Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant and Kevin Love.

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