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Introducing Rob Hennigan – Mr. Process

2012 June 22
by Brian Serra

Magic President Alex Martins, GM Rob Hennigan and Chairman Dan DeVos

Rob Hennigan was officially presented to the world as the new Orlando Magic General Manager on Thursday afternoon as Magic fans were finally able to meet the newest face of the franchise. The team of Alex Martins, Hennigan and Dan DeVos spoke to the media for about 25 minutes as they presented why Hennigan was the pick to lead the team and then fielded questions from the media.

It was tough to learn too much from this initial presentation as it is difficult for Rob to dive into specifics on the mountainous tasks that lie ahead for him as the youngest GM in the NBA – Dwight Howard, hiring a coach, handling the upcoming draft and of course free agency. But we did learn some very specific cornerstones that Hennigan vows to base the basketball strategy on and decision making on moving forward.

Process. That was the key phrase of the day that you heard over and over again from Martins, Hennigan and DeVos. When describing the overall reason that Hennigan stood out, Martins stated that Rob stood out for his “sound system and approach to evaluating talent” and further substantiating his experience with the top notch Spurs and Thunder organizations.

“This is a very exciting and humbling day.” -Rob Hennigan

Hennigan described his 3 concepts that everything will be based on moving forward. The guidelines for each and every decision that he and the team will make.

  1. Stay strategic – in every decision, stay committed to that principle.
  2. Stay systematic and process based for all decisions. Gather all available information (advanced metrics!) and make the smart decision.
  3. Stay sustainable.
The man has a system. He sold it. And the Magic are buying it. The biggest challenge moving forward is staying committed to the process and the discipline required to do so. Hennigan is aware of that challenge and is ready to embrace the daily grind that comes along with it.
He has been successful each and every step of the way so far in his young life, but there isn’t any OJT for this gig. His process will be immediately challenged and we will immediately find out what Mr. Rob Hennigan is made of.  He has the resources, he has the plan… now it’s time to execute.
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