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Orlando Magic Unveil New Marketing Campaign – “WE WILL”

2012 September 25
by Brian Serra

BE MAGIC is no more. To build off the organization’s history of success and resiliency (See O’Neal, Shaq… McGrady, Tracy), the Magic have unveiled a newmarketing campaign with the title of, “WE WILL.”  This rebranded campaign ‘turns the page’ on the next chapter in Orlando Magic history.  As the team and the Magic brand continue to grow, this evolution speaks to the Magic’s continued desire to put a championship product on and off the court. 

“WE WILL” pledges that the Magic will do whatever it takes to put a winner on the floor and create a product Magic fans and partners can be proud of on all fronts.  The shift from “Be Magic” to “WE WILL” was made to update the Magic’s message and reaffirm the franchise’s desire to be great.  Hallmarks of the campaign are in the Magic’s mantra of hard work, competing every night, leading and inspiring as the Magic strive for excellence via integrity, strength, resilience and togetherness.

“The Orlando Magic is an organization whose mission is for excellence both on and off the court.  “WE WILL” really reflects our team, coaches, staff and our mission,” said Magic CEO Alex Martins.  “This new campaign signifies the beginning of a new era of excellence for the Orlando Magic and our fans.  We are excited about the direction we are headed as we build on the legend and success already created and look forward to what the future holds.” 

“For us, this campaign was relevant with or without the roster changes.  We feel strongly that it’s a great statement and a strong message that we wanted to provide to our employees, our fans and all of our partners,” said Magic Vice President of Brand Management Roman Vega. “It’s designed to shatter any questions about us not wavering in our mission to compete for a championship and that everything we do is designed to put us in the best possible position to accomplish this.”

A team of 25 Magic staff members, including Martins, worked with local advertising firm, Great Big Circle, to create the new slogan which was designed to promise fans and partners that the Magic will rebuild.  The Magic officially unveiled the new marketing campaign to Orlando and the Central Florida market on September 24.  The team will utilize television, print, radio and billboard advertising as well as non-traditional avenues such as online, social media and in-areas.  “WE WILL” will also be seen on game tickets, pocket schedules and in digital formats.

“We want the fans, season ticket holders and clients to establish that interpersonal connection with us as an organization,” added Vega, “and the values that we carry as an organization.”

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