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Why does Big Baby keep getting his shot blocked?

2012 November 10
by Brian Serra

Generously listed at 6’9″, Big Baby Davis is an undersized PF in terms of height. Compound that with a relative ineptness with getting vertical, and it’s no surprise that he has the occasional struggle finishing in the paint. Through the first 5 games of the season it’s been an even larger problem for Glen than it has previously in his career.

17.58% of Big Baby’s shot attempts  have been blocked through the first 5 games. Last season? 8%.

Knowing he doesn’t possess the ability to throw down thunderous, explosive dunks, Davis developed a knack for creatively finishing at the rim – often with unorthodox spin moves and reverse layups. But those often came off extra cuts or ball movement. He was able to come from the weak side, receive the pass, and quickly finish.

When he gets to the rim, he is finishing around the same rate he has throughout his career, ~55-60%. The problem is coming in the 3-15 foot range. The career numbers in that range are near ~40-43%, through the first five games he is shooting just 7-32, or ~22%.


According to Synergy Sports, 43.8% of his shot attempts this season have come via isolation or post up plays. 15% of those same isolation and post up plays have ended in a turnover.  For the first time in his career, he is being counted on to carry an offensive load. Dwight Howard is no longer available to suck in double teams. Glen is having to do it himself, a role that while he may be able to produce at a decent level, doesn’t best fit his skill set of catching the ball and making quick scoring decisions.

Too much hero ball.  For Davis to get back to doing what he does best, and avoiding blocked shots and turnovers, his teammates  -and Jacque Vaughn- need to do a better job of  making sure the offense doesn’t get caught relying on plays that lead to one-one-one, ball-pounding post ups. Help Baby do what he does best.

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