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For Orlando Magic Fans, Apathy Showing Its Ugly Face

2012 November 28
by Brian Serra

It’s funny how a game against a team who has made the playoffs for the last umpteen years in a row (15) can draw so little excitement among a fan base.

A youthful bunch of role players -who are being asked to do to much- is an almost comical match for the veteran Spurs. Fans coming into a game like this don’t expect a victory, rather just ask for their team to remain competitive and show fire. But how long does that lost? How long will casual fans buy tickets and tune in? How long can fans brainwash themselves into thinking that Maurice Harkless can really become Paul George?

It won’t be much longer with performances like tonight’s and you can’t blame any fan for choosing to spend their leisurely time elsewhere. Fan apathy will is slowly creeping in. Just ask the empty blue seats. Just look at the once active Twitter population, that is now noticeably absent.

Such is the life in the NBA without a superstar.

For every overtime battle (and loss) against a team like the Celtics, there will be blowouts via even better competition like the Spurs.

The team’s first free throw attempts tonight night came with 4:32 left in the 3rd quater. Both were missed. Long two-point jump shots. Turnovers. Big Baby leading the team in shot attempts despite shooting only 41%. It’s just not fun basketball to watch. And you know what is even worse than watching boring basketball? Watching losing basketball.

Everyone knew this year was going to be a struggle for Magic fans. Those remaining were generally split into two camps: to tank or to fight. When the fight comes around only every other week or so, it’s hard to keep even the die-hards engaged.

It’s typically a slow, painful path to fan apathy. Unfortunately for the Orlando Magic organization, their fans seem to be on the fast track.

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  1. November 28, 2012

    The fans are only set on the path the organization laid out. Blaming the fans isn’t completely fair.

  2. November 29, 2012

    You are absolutely right. Nobody is blaming the fans, this is the course that was brought to them and they are acting as many would.

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