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Did Dwight Howard unfriend his former Magic teammates? I think he TOTALLY did.

2012 December 1
by Brian Serra

“OMG. Did you hear what Dwight did? He totally just moved to big city LA to try and become a big star and he totally just forgot where he came from.  I mean, what’s that all about? I mean, he could have called. I definitely sent him that Facebook invite for the Santa Stumble next week and he had the nerve to put maybe. ” – A (possibly fake) conversation I overhead in the locker room between Jameer Nelson, J.J. Redick, Big Baby, Hedo and Ish Smith.

So that conversation may not have really happened, but it could have. Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel flew out to L.A. a few days early to try and catch up with Dwight Howard. Dwight gave a couple typical “Superman is so fun and awesome” quotes before the following  exchange with another L.A. reporter (this one is real):

The reporter followed up by asking Howard whether he’s still friends with any players on the Magic roster, or whether, once the season starts, Howard puts all that on hold.

“Well, you know,” Howard said, pausing, “I put it on hold.”

Well, it’s certainly not the first time he put the Magic roster on hold. AM I RIGHT?

Read the Sentinel story here. And can’t you just see Baby and Hedo having a conversation like the SNL skit below? “We’re here for the Santa Stumble… Be nice.”

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