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Heat-Magic Postgame Locker Room Interviews

2012 December 31
by Adam Papageorgiou


No NBA player wants to end a calendar year on a 6-game losing streak. In fact, no professional wants to ever be in the midst of one of those skids period no matter the circumstances. The Orlando Magic found themselves in another tight contest that they couldn’t win. Orlando is 0-6 without Glen Davis and the Magic men really gave it their all effort wise as Coach Vaughn played only 9 guys. The locker room talks were all about Nik Vucevic’s phenomenal performance, coming out with more assertiveness, and coping with another defeat.


Nikola Vucevic: “Yeah, I knew how many rebounds I had. My teammates kept telling me I was close. I only wish we could have won the game.”


JJ Redick: “It’s frustrating. Toronto we were God-awful but every other game we were in a position to win. We just haven’t done it; we have to be mentally tougher.”

DeQuan Jones, Arron Afflalo and Josh McRoberts interviews after the jump:

DeQuan Jones: “I have a coach that recognizes (hard work) and is will to reward it, but that’s why I’m here. That’s who I am. Every day. I’m going to give that effort.”


Arron Afflalo: “We got better tonight defensively at least. That’s been the focus the last few days. Nik did an exceptional job rebounding.”


Josh McRoberts: “Losing is old though. It’s tough to really take positives out of losses at this point.”


Adam Papageorgiou runs Orlando Magic Greek and is a proud MBO contributor. 

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