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Celtics interested in J.J. Redick? Good for them.

2013 January 25
by Brian Serra
Could J.J. Redick team up with Kevin Garnett? Gross.

Could J.J. Redick team up with Kevin Garnett? Gross.

In a tweet Friday morning, ESPN’s Marc Stein reported that the Celtics have expressed increased interest in Magic SG J.J. Redick. David Baumann originally reported the Celtics interest on January 19th. Like most teams in the NBA, the Celtics are in need of the shooting and intangibles that Redick brings to the floor. Also like most teams in the NBA, they have little to offer from their current roster.

In order for the Celtics to deal with the Magic, they would likely have to involve a third team. Boston is full of contracts that would not be appealing to a rebuilding Orlando. Jeff Green (3 years, $28M remaining), Brandon Bass (2 years, $13M + remaining), Jason Terry (2 years, $10.7M remaining) and Courtney Lee (3 years, $16+M remaining) are pieces that the Celtics have at their disposal. None have a place in Orlando. Further, Boston is over the hard salary cap and wouldn’t be able to take on the contract of a Hedo Turkoglu/Al Harrington/Big Baby.

In a deal with Boston, the Magic could also potentially send McRoberts or Ayon to the Celtics who are lacking in size due to injury.

One advantage that Boston does have is a mediocre record this year. If Boston is willing to part with a 1st round pick in either 2013 or 2014, the Magic would likely get a pick in the 13-18 range (the range that Harkless/Nicholson/Vucevic were all selected). Does another team have enough interest in Jeff Green or Courtney Lee to be a partner in a potential deal?

I’m also choosing to ignore the sickening thought of seeing Redick in green and white.

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