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Coach Vaughn’s Excitement Still High & Redick DOES NOT Have Bieber Fever

2013 January 27
by Adam Papageorgiou

Yesterday we heard Jacque Vaughn state that for the first time this season all 15 Magic men participated in practice. It’s not Jacque’s style to reveal when he believes Hedo and Al are expected to contribute in a real game, but considering his extra cheerful mood today and yesterday, it’s safe to assume that Turk and Harrington are close to returning. Something to keep in mind when Orlando embarks on its 5-game road trip. The “hope” and “excitement” is still strong as Coach Vaughn was adamant at how often player roles have been adjusted to accommodate the injury woes.

Yesterday I was able to delve into JJ Redick’s reasons for being at the Justin Bieber on Friday night. One day of interrogation was clearly not enough as Redick proclaimed to our sheer horror that JJ does not have ‘Bieber Fever’. JJ does admire and respect the performer’s talents. On the other end of the spectrum, Jameer Nelson also revealed he also attended the Bieber concert and didn’t shy away from his ‘Bieber Fever’. Whether Nikola Vucevic has ‘Bieber Fever’ or not, we don’t know. But ‘Vooch’ is under the weather coming into this Pistons game tonight. So keep an eye on Nik’s health. No Cody Simpson questions today.

Glen Davis still has hope this Magic team can make the playoffs. Big Baby talks about this young team needing to find and develop a sense of urgency. Also, Kyle O’Quinn’s beard spoke with us about how a growth spurt in high school took him away from baseball and football and put him on the path to a basketball career. Kyle did mention being able to meet up with family again on this upcoming road trip and how Norfolk State was the only college to offer him an athletic scholarship. Tip-off of the Pistons-Magic contest is at 6 p.m. EST. It’s nice to not be concerned with freezing to death.

Adam Papageorgiou runs Orlando Magic Greek and is a proud MBO contributor. 

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