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Hawks-Magic Postgame Locker Room Interviews

2013 February 13
by Adam Papageorgiou

JJ Redick seems like a guy who could use a vacation. Whether it’s a recuperation period from this shaky Magic team or the constant trade rumors he reads and hears, I can’t decipher. Other than Vucevic and Nicholson, the Magic players and coaching staff will get to enjoy a desperately needed 4-day break to recharge for the final thirty-game push to end this season. Enjoy All-Star related interviews from Nikola and Andrew while JJ and Jameer dig deep into their feelings of sorrow and frustration. Redick talking about getting “punked” and Jameer discussing being traded are touchy topics. Then you sprinkle some of the Hedo scandal into the dreary locker room atmosphere and things are a mess.


Jameer Nelson: “You can take a lot of positive things from our losses. It’s unfortunate that we’re losing but it’s tough. Me in particular, I don’t want to lose. I’d like to win every game.”


Click below to see interviews from Nik Vucevic, JJ Redick, and Andrew Nicholson.

Nikola Vucevic: “I would say my dad is my biggest critic…we talk almost every day. I got him League Pass which wasn’t very smart because now he can watch all my games and critique me about them.”


JJ Redick: “There’s some stuff at Whole Foods that I don’t put in my body…I don’t even know if we’re allowed to take Ginseng.”


Andrew Nicholson: “I want to keep doing what I’m doing. Keep working on defensive schemes, becoming a better player.”


Adam Papageorgiou runs Orlando Magic Greek and is a proud MBO contributor. 

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