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DEADLINE DAY! Latest Orlando Magic and J.J. Redick Trade Rumors

2013 February 21
by Brian Serra


DEADLINE DAY, Thursday, February 21st: Today’s 3:00 EST is looming just hours away. Will a deal get done? My prediction is yes. Latest news below:

  • 10 MINUTE TO GO UPDATE: Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel reports that the Magic are looking at a potential 3-team trade that includes the Milwaukee Bucks and J.J. Redick. TEN MINUTES LEFT!
  • UPDATE 12:30 PM – Varying reports are surfacing regarding J.J. and the Magic but Sam Amick of USA Today reports the Magic are “prepared to hold on to J.J. Redick.” Amick says there is no leader for Redick, but the Spurs are behind the Pacers, Bucks and Sixers. Wojarnowski has since reported that the Spurs are OUT for Redick’s services.
  • UPDATE 12:15 PM – Chris Broussard of ESPN reports the Detroit Pistons are “out of the running” for J.J. Redick. Honestly, its tough to see why or how Detroit would have been in the running in the first place.
  • *UPDATE 10:30AM*Magic Basketball Online has confirmed through a source with knowledge of the discussions that the Bucks and Magic are indeed continuing to talk on a deal for Redick. A deal is said to not necessarily be contingent on the Bucks landing Josh Smith, but that Milwaukee must handle all talks with Atlanta prior to a final offer to Orlando. It is my guess that if the Bucks land Smith that Milwaukee’s offer to Orlando could increase dramatically as they attempt to go all in to sell Jennings and Smith on their future.
  • *UPDATE 10:20AM* – Ken Berger of CBS Sports is reporting that as the Bucks get closer to a deal for Josh Smith/Devin Harris (involving Ellis/Udoh), that they are “upping the ante” in also making a deal for Redick. I wrote extensively on what the Bucks can offer here.
  • *UPDATE 10:00AM* – Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo is reporting that the Magic HAVE secured first round pick offers for Redick, but that all are in the 20’s.
  • *UPDATE 10:00 AM* – Chris Broussard of ESPN is reporting that the Detroit Pistons and Washington Wizards are also showing interest in Redick.
  • Marc Stein’s reported last night that a new team has entered the fray for Redick’s services, the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs with the best record in the league obviously do not have an attractive first round pick and they don’t own any other picks they could send to Orlando. As far as a young piece, the only players available to be moved are Nando De Colo (age 25), DeJuan Blair, Patty Mills (no trade clause until the summer) or Cory Joseph. None would seem to appeal to Orlando.
  • They also are up against the tax line so they aren’t in a strong position to take on any other salary. One potential way San Antonio could be able to persuade Orlando is if they took on Hedo or Al Harrington’s contract and sent back the expiring Stephen Jackson. Even with that, they would likely need a 3rd team to make the cap numbers work. Likelihood of deal: low.
  • Redick himself is clearly being fazed by all the rumor talk. After last night’s game he vented on the subject ranging from annoyance at the new CBA and the amount of teams (few) that would be able to offer him this summer, to even making up rumors of his own that he would be traded to the Cincinnati Reds with Joe Flacco returning back to Orlando. Redick joked about changing his phone number after all of his friends were texting him trade rumors all day. There is no denying that J.J. will feel some sense of relief today about how his next few months will play out come 3PM today.
  • In the last two games since the All-Star break, Redick has shot just 27% from the floor on 7-26 shooting and an even worse 1-12 from three. These rumors are killin‘ his vibe.

Wednesday February 20: In an effort to keep all rumors together in one place, I’ve decided to turn this page into a running diary. GIVE ME YOUR RUMORS, INTERNET:

  • *UPDATE 11:00 AM – Chris Vernon, host of the Chris Vernon Show in Memphis, reports the Memphis Grizzlies are “making a push to attain J.J. Redick.” Vernon says the Grizzlies can offer the Magic a trade exemption, cash and a second round pick or two. The Magic clearly would like to do better, potentially adding a first round pick or a young player in a deal for Redick, unless, of course, a team takes a bad contract off of their hands.
  • Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo is reporting that J.J. Redick will be looking for a deal in the 4-year, $40M range. “Sources say Redick’s agent, Arn Tellem, will likely start the bidding at four years, $40 million for Redick on the free-agent market.” I think that is a smart move by an agent to peg a number that is clearly not realistic. With J.J. turning 29 this summer, a three year deal in the $6-8M range is more realistic. The Magic would be in a tough position to offer him any more than $6-7M and would have to hope for a hometown, state tax-free discount.
  • In that same report Woj lists Philadelphia as a potential free agency landing spot for Redick. Woj’s source cites Redick’s close relationship with the son of 76ers Head Coach Doug Collins, Chris Collins. Chris, an assistant at Duke, is one of Redick’s closest friends. If Philly re-signs Andrew Bynum, they likely would not be able to offer Redick any more money than he’d receive in Orlando.

Tuesday February 19: With All-Star Weekend now in the rear-view mirror and the trade deadline just three days away, the rumor mill has begun to swing more aggressively  As a reminder, rumors are typically floated from teams wanting more or other teams wanting to strengthen their own position, or even from agents trying to push their players into a position to their advantage. AKA, a lot of $#@% gets floated.

Here is the latest batch of Orlando Magic trade rumors:

  • *UPDATE 2:22 PM – Ken Berger reported that a deal between the Bucks and the Magic has been discussed that would involve Luc Mbah a Moute and a first-round pick to Orlando for Redick (only if Ellis is moved).  As I wrote here, the Bucks have five players on rookie deals. Mbah a Moute is NOT on a rookie deal and while a solid player, he is already 26 years old despite only being in his 4th year and more importantly, has 2 years and $9M owed his way. That contract sounds great for a contending team, and exactly the type of contract that Orlando is trying to free themselves from. For this deal to take place, a third team would almost certainly be necessary. Or you could even see the Magic as the third team in an Ellis deal. Milwaukee owns their own pick this year which is likely to be in the 13-17 range.*
  • Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports tweeted that teams are “surveying” the cost to re-sign J.J. Redick this summer if they trade for him at the deadline.  Woj says that if Milwaukee is able to move either Brandon Jennings or Monta Ellis, that Redick would be a major target for them. I broke down any potential Bucks deal last week here.
  • Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld reported that the Magic and Knicks have discussed a J.J. Redick for Iman Shumpert trade. He reports that any deal would have to be involved (financial reasons) and possibly even a third team.
  • Wojnarowski also tweeted last night that the Minnesota Timberwolves have been aggressive in offering multiple first-round picks for established talent. Ken Berger of CBS Sports reports the same here and clarifies they are looking for “wing talent”. Could Arron Afflalo be a target? The Magic certainly wouldn’t get multiple first rounders for Afflalo, but they certainly would be willing to move him and then re-sign Redick in the off-season.


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  1. Tiddy28 permalink
    February 19, 2013

    I hope we don’t move Afflalo or Redick. If we get first round picks in return, it’s unlikely that those players we select will get back the 32 points Afflalo and Redick average between them. We lack pure scorers enough as it is; trading our two best PPG players would hurt this team, or any team for that matter.

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