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VIDEO: When Shaq returned to Orlando, he lost

2013 March 12
by Brian Serra

Once upon a time another All-Star dominant center left Orlando for the wrong coast, and he also had a first game back in Orlando. February 22, 1998 was the first game in which Shaq returned to Orlando to face off against the team that drafted and groomed him. He lost.

Nick Anderson hit the go-ahead, winning three pointer and finished with a game high 30 points as Orlando defeated the Lakers 96-94. Orlando’s starting Center that game? The 37-year old Danny Schayes who finished with 12 points and four rebounds. Shaq faced the Magic two previous times in LA, but didn’t return to Orlando for almost two full years after leaving.

This video is worth a watch just to see Nick Anderson mocking Shaq’s impersonation of Merton Hanks’ famous “chicken with his head cut off” dance. How amazing would it be to see Jameer knock down a game winner and do the same dance?

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