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Magic Lose! Bobcats Win! Orlando Leads Draft Odds for Top Pick

2013 April 17
by Andrew Melnick



The Orlando Magic ended their season with a 105-93 loss to the Miami Heat, their third consecutive defeat. The Charlotte Bobcats, whose 7-59 record last season was the worst in NBA history, finished the season with three straight victories.

That leaves the Magic with a correctly predicted record of 20-62 while the Bobcats wrapped up the season with a record of 21-61.

That means the Magic now have the best chance of winning the lottery. They will now have a 25% chance of getting the top pick while the Bobcats have a 19.9% chance to get the number one pick. Orlando has a 21.5% chance of securing the second pick, a 17.8% chance of receiving the third pick and a 35.7% chance of having the fourth pick. The Magic can’t pick any lower than fourth.

However, having the best shot at the number one pick doesn’t mean you’ll get it. Since the lottery started, the pick that belonged to the team with the worst record (Cleveland had the worst record in 2011 but actually got the number one selection with a pick acquired from the Los Angeles Clippers) has only had the top pick three times (four if count Cleveland, who tied for the worst record in 2003).

The Magic got the top selection in 2004 after going a league-worst 21-61. They also picked Shaquille O’Neal in 1992 after having the second worst record in the league (21-61) and again in 1993 with the 11th worst record and the lowest chance of winning the top spot (41-41).

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