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[Video] Bill Simmons & Jalen Rose break down the Orlando Magic – poorly.

2013 October 2
by Brian Serra

For their official 2013-14 NBA Preview, Grantland Head-Overreacter Bill Simmons and the sneakily good Jalen Rose are breaking down all 30 teams in reverse order according to “The Sports Guy’s” rankings. The duo teamed up and are doing 10-15 minute preview videos for each team, that so far through three, are quite entertaining. Simmons has the Orlando Magic ranked as the 28th (out of 30) best team in the league.

Relevent notes:

  • Simmons is convinced they are going to “really, really suck” – but sees hope in Wiggins or Randle. Deep.
  • They also didn’t realize that Jacque Vaughn is NOT a brand new coach in Orlando. Nor did anyone who produces these segments at Grantland. Bravo.
  • Neither Jalen or Bill can pronounce Nik Vucevic’s name.
  • Clairvoyant Bill predicts that Victor Oladipo will win the Rookie of the Year, immediately after arguinging that he was going to struggle because the team will try to play him at PG. Jalen Rose disagrees and predicts Cody Zeller will win it.
  • “Champagne and Campaign” – Jalen Rose rated Orlando as basically worthless because he only visits with his family. No love for all of our chain restaurants and awful strip clubs.
  • Simmons predicts that the franchise will rig the season with fake injuries and associated tom foolery.
  • Overall, not much insight to the actual team – including an incorrect depth chart.

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