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Kate Upton proposed to by Magic mascot, Verlander pissed!

2014 February 11
by Brian Serra

It could have been a romantic love tryst between a beautiful swimsuit model, a superstar professional baseball player and a magical dragaon – only one, as always, was not welcomed. It was a crisp February Friday night in Orlando and prior to a stunning Magic victory, their were other fireworks taking place courtside. As Detroit Tigers ace pitcher, Justin Verlander foolishly departed for the bathroom, STUFF! made his move with a surprise proposal to model Kate Upton.


Kate Upton is taken aback after being proposed to at an Orlando Magic game.

It also appears she said yes – or at least considered it.

When Justin Verlander returned, sans Upton, on Sunday night to see the Magic defeat the NBA best Indiana Pacers, STUFF! tried to make amends. No dice.


Justin Verlander, you mad bro?

The Magic defeated the two best teams in the league with Verlander on the sidelines. Perhaps Spring Training should be extended through the remainder of the Magic season. One thing is for sure, this fun stuff never happend with Tiger and Elin.

Kate Upton grew up in nearby Brevard County, where they famously breed beautiful people.

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