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Orlando Magic release statement on Donald Sterling

2014 April 29
by Brian Serra

The following statement was provided by the Orlando Magic shortly after the conclusion of Adam Silver’s press conference where he announced the lifetime ban of Donald Sterling from the NBA.

“The Orlando Magic feel the recent reprehensible comments by Donald Sterling were absolutely unacceptable and do not reflect the values and beliefs of our organization or our league. We applaud the leadership of NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, as well as Head Coach Doc Rivers and his players, who are at the epicenter of the situation.”

Orlando Magic owner Rich DeVos, which is represented in ownership meetings by his son and Team Chairman Dan DeVos, will have a critical vote in the decision to force Donald Sterling to sell his team. The DeVos family should not be considered a lock to vote yes*.

*Update 4/30: Dan DeVos spoke with the Orlando Sentinel and informed them that he intends to vote to remove Donald Sterling.

“We are whole-heartedly behind Adam’s recommendation and plan to vote accordingly,” Magic Chairman Dan DeVos said in a statement to the Orlando Sentinel on Tuesday afternoon.

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