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The Orlando Magic 2014 draft slot(s) are revealed!

2014 May 20
by Brian Serra
Dante Exum at the NBA Draft Combine

Dante Exum at the NBA Draft Combine

At the conclusion of the dramatic, drawn-out, over-hyped NBA Draft Lottery the Orlando Magic finally learned their fate for the June 26th draft. Pat Williams luck may have peaked, as Orlando actually dropped one spot once the envelopes were released.

The Orlando Magic will have the 4th pick in the draft, after finishing with the 3rd worst record in the league last season. The Magic will also have the 12th overall pick from the New York Knicks via the Denver Nuggets – a pick they gained in the Dwight Howard trade.

At number 4, assuming the Magic don’t trade out of their slot, Dante Exum is certain to be the name that you will hear over the next month.

Amazingly, the Cleveland Cavaliers somehow managed to finagle their dirty hands back into the number one overall pick again – the third time in four years for their dysfunctional franchise.

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