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New Orlando Magic Uniform Revealed

2014 July 16
by Adam Papageorgiou


A new Orlando Magic ‘Christmas Day’ jersey (see bottom left of image above) from Adidas has been revealed for the upcoming ’14-’15 season, courtesy of Uni Watch. No it doesn’t mean the Magic will play on Christmas, though it’s not out of the question considering the franchise has some very promising young players such as Victor Oladipo. Adidas made a Christmas uniform for all 30 teams. Even if a franchise doesn’t play on Christmas, its fans can still purchase the uniform.

I love the Magic’s secondary logo, I just don’t believe it should be used as a primary logo on a jersey. The tail on the ball just makes things very asymmetrical. The other big difference in the blue jersey is that the template shows the player’s FIRST name will be on the back of the jersey UNDER the number and not above it. I would imagine that would benefit people who like Tobias Harris or Elfrid Payton since they have less ordinary first names. Also, Evan Fournier, Ben Gordon, Aaron Gordon, Kyle O’Quinn, and other Magic men have common enough first names that plenty of Magic fans with those similar first names could be interested in buying a jersey. Some foreign soccer and basketball organizations have names placed under the numbers, another feature that NBA fans are not accustomed to.

Keep in mind, these Christmas uniforms are NOT the rumored ‘Pride’ jerseys that Adidas will also be revealing for the Magic and six other NBA franchises. It is assumed Orlando’s jersey will have sleeves and be in gray. I hope these will be the first sleeved jerseys with pinstripes in the league since the Magic are the only franchise that utilize pinstripes in their daily uniforms. I’ll reserve judgement until the jersey is revealed. Some sleeved uniforms look much better than others.


Adam Papageorgiou is Owner/Editor of MBO and Founder of Orlando Magic Greek

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  1. Tonisha Parra permalink
    July 22, 2014

    I feel affection for the Magic’s inferior logo; I just do not consider it should be second-hand as a most important logo on a pullover.

    Posted by: Tonisha Parra | corporate uniforms

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