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A Reddit User’s Magic Logo and Court Re-Design

2014 August 11
by Adam Papageorgiou


Reddit has come a long way in becoming a go-to social media tool for the NBA and its franchises. It opens up for fans to really engage in conversation and come up with fun creations. Such is the case with the Magic logos and Amway Center interior re-design that were recently posted by Reddit user R_E_D_D_I_T.






Click here for full sized versions. The effort and precision to detail really need to be commended. This is great work, whether you agree with the appearance or not. It’s a unique take on ‘Magic’.

UPDATE: There are more designs that include black (they look sharp) as well as jersey mock-ups.


Adam Papageorgiou is Owner/Editor of MBO and Founder of Orlando Magic Greek

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  1. August 15, 2014

    The mark is technically fine, but for a sports team? Doesn’t fit the bill. If Orlando does a rebrand they need to go full on retro, that was easily the best logo/brand combination we ever had.

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