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VIDEO: Aaron Gordon at 2012 Elite 24 All Star Game

2014 September 4
by Adam Papageorgiou


Orlando Magic fans have seen countless highlight clips of rookie Aaron Gordon. Here’s one I bet many haven’t seen. It’s of high school senior ‘AG’ participating in the 2012 Under Armour Elite 24 All-Star Game. The California native played with notable top athletes like Julius Randle and the Harrison twins. Gordon came off the bench, tallied 25 points and 7 rebounds, put on a phenomenal show, his team won, and Aaron was awarded a co-MVP award.

Gordon is wearing the #43 blue jersey. A few things to note. They’re playing outside. Duh. A team coached by Brandon Jennings beat Kyrie Irving’s team. Apparently Aaron’s nickname then was ‘The Regulator’ which I always relate to this which means it’s an awesome nickname that he should continue using. Gordon was supposedly carrying a foot injury. I don’t think anyone can tell in this clip.

Watch the entire thing, but head to the 4:43 mark and witness Aaron put on an absolute dribble fest, a dunk-a-thon, and even complete a self-alley oop jam. This is a 16-year-old doing this. During a game. He needs to be in the NBA dunk contest. Now.


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