The Magic Are in Dire Need of a Quality Hype Intro Video

The Orlando Magic are about as popular as burnt toast within their own Central Florida market currently. Casual sports fans just don’t seem to desire to watch or get invested in this franchise. It doesn’t help that we have so many transients in Orlando, many of whom either don’t care about sports or have allegiances elsewhere. Even locals and those who grew up in the area have a ‘meh’ mentality.

That just seems wrong considering the Magic are only seven years removed from their last NBA Finals appearance. It’s been a gloomy past 4 years in particular, and the fifth season of the Rob Hennigan GM era is off to a shaky 0-3 start.

That got me thinking after Wednesday’s opening night home contest at Amway Center: Can the franchise be doing more to inspire fans and non-fans to see their product, aside from just roster and personnel improvements?

After the national anthem and Pulse nightclub tributes during that home opener, player introductions were done. The Orlando Magic came out to their new video:

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